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Universal Sheet Worker

Universal Ironworker so far as the shearing, punching, notching / coping and cropping of flats, plates, squares, rounds and structural sections of any shape are concerned. The coping head is of vary study design and construction and can be easily and quickly turned into a notcher or alternatively into a punching head. Agin it can be fitted with special tool holder and tools for notching T section in both flanges simultaneously. Back stops and gauges can be supplied for production job at extra cost and they will in no way interfere with the shearing of plates or other operations. The standard machine is equipped with clutch : Mechanical hand lever operated
Gears : Made of steel
Motor : AC, 440/3/50 totally enclosed fan cooled with V belts, pulley, Starter and sturdy guards.
Blades : To cut sheets, flats, angles, T, Round, Square bar cutting, V notching or punching attachment (specify while ordering)


  1. Wheel mounting cabinet stand
  2. Special attachment & tools such as blaes, punches and dies to obtain a wider range of application possiblites
Modol No. AMI-1 AMI-2
M.S. Plate upto mm 8 10
Flat Bar upto mm 75 x 12 100 x 12
Length of Blade mm 175 x 175  
Round Bars mm 25 30
Square Bars mm 22 25
Angles at 90° mm 63 x 6 75 x 6
T Section mm 50 x 6 60 x 6
Dia x Thickness mm 18 x 9 20 x 10
With Triangular Blade angle or square mm 38 x 6 38 x 6
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