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Chain & Chisel Mortiser

Chain and Chisel mortising machine provided the most rapid method of producing a perfectly clean and true mortise at one stroke by means of the endless chain cutter of chisel. The head stock is suitable counter balanced for smooth and easy working. The table is compound slide for lateral movement by screw adjustment and longitudinal traverse by hand wheel provided with quick action screw clamp for holding the timber adjustable stops are provided to control the length and depth of motorised and having the following specifications.
Maximum size of chain 20 mm
Maximum size of chisel 12 mm
Depth of bore 150 mm
Longitudal table movement 230 mm
Lateral movement 150 mm
HP required 3 HP
Floor space required 750 x 850 mm
Net weight 800 Kgs.
Chisel Mortising Machine
Indigenous make floor model motorised chisel motorising (square holes drilling) machine ideally suitable for making square holes in wooden article such as doors, windows, etc., equipped with 1/2 HP AC 440/3/50 2800 RPM electric motor, starter, tool holder with 19 mm bore, working table size 765 mm x 150 mm having longitudal travel 300 mm cross travel 115 mm max. travel in vertical direction 425 mm approx. weight 250 Kgs.
Model AMI-13 AMI-20
Capacity for Square holes in wood holes mm 13
Motorising hollow chisels with augers for making square holes in wood, plastic, sheets etc.
Size                            1/4"     5/16"    3/8"  7/16" 1/2"   5/8" 3/4" 7/8"  1"
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