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Spin Cum Hammer Type Riveting Machine

Variable Power :
Regulation of pressure by padal varies the power of the working stroke. Selection of just the right power for each job is easy.

Easy to Set Up : Rivet sets, dies or special performing tools are easily and quickly installed by fixing them into the M. T. Shank of ram or yoke. Adjustment up or down is at the rate of about 1/16" for each turn of the set.
Fast, Quiet, Operation :
The combination of speed and quiet operation contribute to non fatiguing operation throughout the work day.

Versatile Performance :
MAXFIT Spin Riveters offer such versatile performance that their application in the riveting and allied fields is almost limitless. From the assembly of small parts to the forming of 1/4" steel rivet heads. They deliver top performance.
Power builds up rapidly in the latter portion of the stroke. This sharp increase is indicated by the steep rise in the power curve. Any operation requiring a long power stroke, such as pressing of forming, should be planned within the limitations indicated by the chart.


Rivet size spins during hammering to form a well formed head and pressure advances the set and holds it firmly against the rivet while the combined hammering.. spinning action is at work. It is the combination of these three actions that enables the Spinner Riveter to form a rivet head without bending or swelling the rivet shank. Recommended Exposed Height of stock for rivets using the standard sets is 2/3 of the diameter of the rivet.
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