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Butt Welders

Bandsaw Butt Welding Inverter Welding

Include upset butt welding of all profiles of wires and flats of iron, steel, alloy and carbon steel, copper, aluminium, brass and other light metals and their alloys.

Include, but are not limited to wire and strip and rod drawing mills: transformer, motor and switchgear manufacturers: bandsaw blade users : small tool makers for welding mild steel shanks to the alloy steel portion of taps, drills, screw drivers, chisels, etc., hoop and ring makers: wire forming industries, cable industries, automobile industries, air conditioner and refrigeration makers, office equipment makers, etc.

The machines are aesthetically designed as standard portable models mounted on a moveable stand fitted with four wheels, constructed with a particular regard for quick, easy and fool proof operation by unskilled workmen, the welding process being automatic. The settings are simple,finely adjustable and reproduceable for all variables. Uniform welds of high tensile strength capable of withstanding subsequent drawing are ensured.

MODEL KVA 3 5 12
Copper, Brass, Bronze dia mm Blade width in mm 3-19 6-30 12-50
Shearing Attachment Available at extra Cost
Grinding Attachment Available at extra Cost
Max. Electrical KVA Rating 3 5 12
Power Supply 230 Volts, 1 phase, 50 Hz
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