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Conrete Mixers
SMM - 1 (10/7) Concrete Mixer With Mechanical Hopper
Model Type Tilting
Capacity (unmixed) 300 Ltrs.
Capacity (mixed) 200 Ltrs.
Drum Speed (Rev./mm) 20-22
Power Electric Motor 5 H.P.
Power Diesel Engine 6.5 H.P.
Production Rate 6.8 m3/hr
Weight 950 Kgs.

SCMTT - 1 (10/7 & 7/5) Concrete Mixer Manual Loading Without Hopper
  10/7 7/5
Capacity (unmixed) 300 Ltrs. 200 Ltrs
Capacity (mixed) 200 Ltrs. 150 Ltrs
Drum Speed (Rev./mm) 20-22 RPM 20-22 RPM
Power Electric Motor 3 HP3 Ph 2 HP 3 Ph
Power Diesel Engine 6.5 HP 5 HP
Production Rate 6.8 m3/hr.
SCMT - 1 (10/7) Manual Loading (Stationary Model)

Capacity - 10/7 CFT (300/200 Ltr) 5m3/hr. (1 Bag capacity mixer) without loading Hopper and wheels C.I. Mixing drum and yoke assembly, strong steel chassis.
Mixer is powered by 3 HP, 3 Phase motor. or 5 HP Diesel Engine.

Drive :
Belt Drive

(5/3) Portable Concrete Mixer
Capacity (unmixed) 150 Ltrs.
Capacity (mixed) 100 Ltrs.
Drum Speed (Rev./mm) 20-22
Power Electric Motor or Manual Operated 2 H.P. 1 or 3 Phase
Table Vibrator
Size 900 x 600mm
Vibrations 3000 / min
Power 2 H.P. Single Phase Motor
Top Plate 5mm thick M.S.
Weight 130 kg
Weigh Batchers

Lever type concrete batcher is useful device for weighing for production of controlled concrete, mounted on a robustly fabricated chassis of heavy steel section with four M. S. Wheels. Lever mechanism is suitably designed with gearing for proper weighing. Discharge chutes provided with hoppers are suitably designed for quick discharge of the aggregate in the mixer hopper. Suitable design for M15, M25 & M30.


  1. Capacity of the hopper - 250/500kgs each.
  2. Level the machine properly on platform.
  3. Clean the machine regularly to get the proper weights of sand & aggregate.
  4. Put the required weights in to the pan (100 kgs., 50 kgs., & 20kgs.) As per weight required for odd calibration, adjust the weight on the scale given. (10mm=1000gms.)
  5. Unload the material directly in the mixer hopper, outlet given on rear side.


Type Scale Type
Capacity 500 Kgs. (250Kgs. each)
Mechanism Lever Type
Size 2.2 x 1.05 x 1.8 mtrs
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