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Product List
Lathe Machines
All Geared Lathe Model AMI-Student-250-200
All Geared Lathe Machines Model Turn Master 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500 MM
Planner Bed All Geared Heavy Duty Lathe Model Roll Master
Light Duty Upper Motor Lathe
Shimoga Model Heavy Duty Lathe
Medium Duty Hardened Bed Under Motor Norton Gear Type Lathe 550 MM - 1000 MM
Heavy Duty 3 Speed Gear Drive Lathe 2000, 2500, 3000 MM
Planner Bed Change Gear Heavy Duty Lathe Model Roll Master
Norton Gear Lathe Model Poly Master 4'6", 6'6", 8'6", 10'
All Geared Capsten Lathe 42-50-60 MM
Automat Lathes
Capsten Lathe 25 MM - 32 MM
Capstan Lathe With Auto Feed Turret Head Model TT32
Drilling Machines
All Geared Radial Drill 40, 50, 65, 75 MM
38 MM Radial Drill
25 MM Radial Drill
All Geared Pillar Drill 32, 40, 50 MM
13 MM Bench Type Pillar Drill
20 MM Geared Pillar Drill
25, 32, 38, 40 MM Geared Pillar Drill
Bench Model Heavy Duty Tapping Machine 5MM - 12MM
Milling Machines
Ram Turret Vertical Milling Machine
All Geared Autofeed Universal Milling Machine
One Feed Automatic Unviersal Milling Machines
Vertical Milling Machine
Ram Turret Univer Unviersal Milling Machine All AutoFeed
Vertical Miller & Drilling
Universal Engraving Cum Milling Machine
Universal 3 Dimentional Pantograph Milling Machine
Pillar Type Heavy Duty Power Presses
"C" Type Steel Body Inclinable Presses
Scrap Bailing Press
Hand Operated Hydraulic Press
Power Operated Hydraulic Press With (Head Movment)
Motorised Hydraulic Press
Open Throat & Straightening Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Iron Cutting Bending Press
Blank Holder Type Deep Drawing Hydraulic Presses
Die Cushion Type Deep Drawing Hydraulic Presses
Machanical Double Action deep Drawing Presses
Forging Screw Press (Up Stroke)
Friction Screw Press (Down Stroke)
Sheet Shearing - Bending - Rolling Machines
  Shearing Machines
Under Crank Drive Shearing Machines
Over Crank Drive Shearing Machines 
Hydraulic Shearing Machines
  Press Brake Bending Machines
Mechanical Clutch Bending Press Brakes
Hydraulic Bending Press Brakes
  Rolling Machines
Pyramid Type Plate Rolling Machine
Pre Pinch Cum Pyrmid Type Plate Rolling Machine
Shaping - Planning - Planomiller
Shaping Machine
Planning Machine
Planomiller Machine
Hacksaw - slotting - Cutting Machines
Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine
Heavy Duty Geared Slotting Machine
Metal Cutting Horizontal Bandsaw
Fully Automatic Double Column Horizontal Bandsaw
Vertical Turning & Facing Heavy Duty Lathe
Vertical Turning & Facing Heavy Duty Lathe
Universal Gear Hobing Machine
Universal Gear Hobing Machine
Horizontal Boring Machine
Horizontal Boring Machine
Grinding Machines
Centreless Grinder
Cylindrical Grinder
Horizontal Rotary Surface Grinder (600 MM Dia)
Mechanical Wheel Type With Autofeed Surface Grinder (600 X 250 MM) (500 X 200 MM)
Horizontal Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Vertical Rotary Surface Grinder
Horizontal Surface Grinder
Cup Wheel Type Surface Grinder
Tool & Cutter Grinder
Heavy Duty Pedstal Grinder
Knife Grinder Machine 1500, 1800, 2000, 3000 MM
Pedestal Grinder With Coolant & Fittings
Rod Polishing Machine Through Abrassive Belt 75MM X 2000MM With Automatic Feeder
Centreless Abrasive Grinding & Polishing Machine
Centreless Type Buffing & Polishing Machine
Sheet Metal Machines (Manual)
Deep Throat Swaging & Closing Machines

Side Seaming Machine

Universal Geared Swaging Machine
Universal Swanging & Beding Machine
Hardness Tester
Portable Electric Shears
Top & Bottom Can Seaming Machine
Jenny or Burrying Machines
Geared Heavy Shearing Machine
Combination Cutting Machine
Bar Cutting Machine
Universal Sheet Worker
Universal Hand Sheer
Hand Lever Sheer
Punching Mahcine
Tor Steel Rod Cutting Machine
Corner Sheet Cutting
Notching Machine
Sheet Cutting & Bending Machines (Manual)
Treadle Guillotine Shearing Machine

Universal Edging & Bending Machines

Hand Press Brakes
Precision Bending Brake
Universal Nibbling Machine
Strip Shearing Machine
Folding Machine
Trunk Folding Machine
Edge Folding Machine
Bending Roller
Pipe Bending Machines
Hydraulic Pipe Bender 1/4"-1", 1/2"-2"
Hydraulic Pipe Bender 1/2"-3", 1/2"-4", 2-6"
Motorised Pipe Bender
Motorised Rapid Bender
Bus Bar Bender
Rapid Bender Ratchet Type
Hand Operated Pipe Bender
Automatic Power Operated Pipe Bending Machine
Conduit Pipe Bender
Degree Type Mechanical Pipe Bender
Mini Bench Type Conduit Pipe Bender
Hand Presses - Tor - Toggle Rod Cutting Machines
Fly Presses
Double Body Fly Presses
Doble Pillar Type Screw Press
Toggle Press
Arbour Press
Impact Press
Eccentric Press
Spring Control Arbour Press
Punch Press
Button Press
Foot Operated Impact Press
Gas Cutting Machine
Profile Gas Cutting
Pug Cutting
Workshop Handling Equipment
Hydraulic Lift Table
Hydraulic Pallet Truck
Mobile Floor Crane
Chain Pulley Block
Hydraulic Pullers
Hydraulic Hand Operated Test Pump
Hydraulic Jacks
Circle Cutting Machines
Motorised Circle Cutting Machine
Hand Operated Circle Cutting Machine
Deep Throat Swaging & Closing Machines
Universal Geared Swaging Machine
Wood Working Machines
Over Head Router

Automatic Planner Blade Grinding Machine

Multi Purpose Universal Wood Working Machine (8 X 1) (With Folding Top)
Belt Sander Wide 8' X 4'
Wood Turning Lathe Complete With Copying Device (Heavy Duty)
Trolley Type Horizontal Bandsaw Machine
Vertical Bandsaw Machine
With folding Top (6 X 1) Multifunctional
Without folding Top Wonder-Machine
Combined Surface Planner Thickness Planner & Drilling
Surface Planner With Circular Saw Attachment
Thickness Planner (Auto Feed)
Surface Cum Jointer Planner
Combined Thickness And Jointer Planner
Heavy Duty Tilting Table Circular Saw
Circular Saw Fixed Table Type Blade Tiling

Radial Cross Cut Circular Saw Machine

Ripsaw Machine
Wood And Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine
Planning Knife Grinder
Thickness Planner With Autofeed Moulding Attachment
Heavy Duty Wood Turning Lathe
Wood Turning Lathe Bench Model
Multipurpose Wood Working Planner With Bandsaw
Wood Milling Machine
Tenoning Machine
Chain & Chisel Mortiser
Close Body Jig Saw Machine
Belt & Disc Sander Bench Model
Belt And Disc Sander With Stand
Portable Sander
Bandsaw Butt Welding Machine
Bandsaw Brazing Machine
One Man Chain Saw Machine
Two Man Chain Saw Machine
Chain Sharpner
Modular Furniture Processing Machines
Through Feed Edge Banding Machine

Hot Press

Thermo Forming - Membrane Press
Edge Banding Machine
Trimmer, Buffer & End Cutting
Beam Saw Machine
Post Forming Machine
Vertical Spindle Moulder
Dust Collector
Dimension Saw With Scoring Cutter
Multiple Boring Machine
Garage Workshop Machines
Cranshaft Regrinder

Vertical Fine Boring Machine

Hydraulic Vertical Honning Machine
Vertical Head Block Surface Grinder Machine
Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine
Cone Rod Boring And Grinding Machine
Twin Head Connecting Rod Boring Machine
Valve Refacer
Cone Rod Boring Machine
Fully Automatic Horizontal Line Boring Machine
Valve Seat Cutting Machine
Connecting Rod Aligner
Tool Grinder
Crankshaft Straightening Press
Connecting Rod & Cap Grinder
Cylinder Head Testing Machine
Portable Cylinder Boring Bar
Hydraulic Honning Machine Single Cylinder
Diesel Fuel Pump Test Bench
Nozzle Tester
Nozzle Grinding & Lapping Machine
Hydraulic Lifts
Air Compressors
Car Washing Machine
Mechanical Lifts
High Pressure Grease & Oil Pumps Air Operated
Hand Operated Hydraulic Press
Hand Drill Machine
Cylinder Hones
Valve Seat Cutter
Valve seat Grinder Kit
Machines Tools & Milling Accessories
3 Jaw Self Centering True Chuck

4 Jaw Dog Chuck

Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Round Magnetic Chuck
Cast Iron Angle Plates
Granite Surface Plates
Milling Machine Vice
Tilting & Swivelling Vice
Bench Vice
Rotary Milling Table With Indexing
Compound Sliding Table
Air Blower
Coolant Pump
Vertical Attachment
Hydraulic Coping Attachment for Lathe
Solting Attachment
Diving Head
Portable Magnetic Drill Press
Rack Cutting Attachment
Micro Boring Head
Milling Adoptor & Collet
Universal Indexing Fixture
Small Scal Industrial Plants
Automatci Wire Nail Making Machine

Polishing Machine

Grinding Machine
Bull Block Heavy Duty Wire Drawing Machine
Wire Straightening & Cut-Off Machine
Wire Pointing Machine
Dryer Drum Machine
Automatic Jem Clip Making Machine
High Precision Welded Wire Mesh Plants
Nickle Polishing Machine
Automatic Roofing / Umbrella Head Nails Making Machine
Automatic Paper Pin Making Machine
Automatic Stapple Pin Making Machine
Bolt & Screw Making Machines
For Bolt

Double Stroke Heading Machine

Head Trimming Machine
Thread Rolling Machine
Automatic Hopper Feed Nut Tapping & Nut Cutting Machine
For Wood Screw
Double Stroke Heading Machine
High Speed Screw Head Slotting Machine
Head Shaving Machine
Thread Cutting Machine
For Machine Screw
Double Stroke Heading Machine
High Speed Screw Head Slotting Machine
Thread Rolling Machine
Annealing Machine
For Rivet
Double Stroke Cold Heading Machine
Automatic Screw Head Slotting Machine For Revets
Automatic Barbed Wire Making Machine
Round Bar Straightening Machine
Lathe - Milling Adda - Soltting - Grinders - Rivet
Baby Lathe (Bench Model)

Heavy Duty Single Semi Automatic Lathe

Belt Driver Slotting Maching
Quick Change Tool Post
Horizontal Milling Adda
Vertical Milling Adda
Die Head
Abrasive Belt Grinder Bench Type
Abrasive Belt Grinder Lathe Mounting
Tool Post Grinder (Internal & External)
Air Compressors
Abrasive Belt Grinder Pedestal Type
Roll Forming Machines
Roll Former For A/C Duckting

Flanging Attachment For Roll Former

Roll Forming (Shelter Rolling Machine)
Crimping Machine
Hose Crimping Machine
Riveting Machines
Rivetting & Pneumatic Machine

Spin Cum Hammer Type Rivetting Machine

Construction Machines
Conrete Block Making Machines

Sand Screening Machines

Conrete Mixers
Other Products
Coil Winding Machines
Coil Winding Machines
Welding Machines
Welding Transformers

Spot Welding

Seam Welding
Bandsaw Butt Welding
Inverter Welding
Welding Rectifiers
Tig (Argon Arc) Manual Welding Equipment
Semi Automatic Mig/Co2 Shielded Arc Welding Unit
Cut Off Machines
Mini Cut off Machine
Heavy Duty Cut-Off Machine
Bolt & Pipe Threading Machines
Pipe Threading Machine
Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine
Portable Pipe Threading Machine
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